Search Engine Optimization

Get more visitors and increase sales with expert SEO!

Ranking Monitoring

Our Ranking Monitor checks the position of your web pages on Google, Google Mobile, Bing, and Yahoo in 162 countries and languages every day. Find out how well you’re doing and get opportunities to get more visitors.

Website Auditing

We start by analyzing all pages, content, links, page titles, images, meta tags, files sizes, keyword and their densities, spelling, site performance, indexability, back-links, robots.txt, sitemap, device compatibility and other structural elements of your website. We automatically update the audit report each week and compile this intelligence to assist us with the ongoing  optimization of your website.

Link Profiling

Back-links are an essential part of website optimization. We’ll use cutting-edge technology to profile all links into and out of your website. We look for the number of active links, nofollow links, industry type, link influence, last time a link was updated, the number of unique links, link context and the link influence score. Google penalizes websites that have many unnatural links. So we look for possible harmful links and squash them in their tracks.

Link Building

LIS (Link Influence Score) is a trust value that shows the influence of a linking page on the search engine rankings of the linked web page. A link from a website with a high LIS has a higher influence on the rankings of a website than a link from a website with a low LIS. We optimize the quality of links to your site to ensure that every link counts in a way that tells the search engines that your website is important and should show up first in line.

Rank Profiling

This is where we super analyze the Google rankings of your competitors to determine what keywords work for them and why. Based on intelligence gathered, we could suggest more effective landing pages and target groups. We can also determine keyword financial values, which will deliver the most visitors, what countries your domain name ranked in, how many websites compete for the same keywords, how many pages and so much more!

Google Ads Profiling

Want to know what your competition is spending on Google? Need to find out where their ads are? We’ve got you covered. We can give you a pretty good estimate of what they’ve been up to on Google. We’ll analyze the Google ads of your competitors, to help see what they’re up to for keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and target groups.

Google local & business optimization

Let’s improve your Google local business listing. Local results will show for people who search for business’s locally. If your local listing is not properly optimized, you stand the risk of losing business. We’ll fully optimize your Google listing  to ensure that you maximize your online potential.

Up-time Monitoring

If your website is down, you can lose customers and sales. Our round-the-clock Up-time Monitor notifies us if customers cannot see your site. We’ll take immediate action to get your services restored in the shortest time possible.

Google analytics integration

We integrate your Google Analytics account directly into your SEO reports. Many of the reports provided by Google can be confusing and hard to understand. Our system will recompile the information provided by Google and deliver it in a way for the rest of us.

Social Media

Social media is big business today. With our robust set of social media tools, we’ll track the performance of your website on social media sites and compare it to your competitors.

Did you know?
With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Paragon Media One , we can give your business faster turnaround and the best possible organic results all within your budget. We’ll optimize your website, coding, site maps, copy writing, URLs, meta tags, relevancy, keywords, backlinks, social media channels and much more. We also offer managed Search Engine Marketing and pay-per-click solutions. So whatever your online goals are, we can help.