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A Digital Battle of Convenience

The recent invention of the camera phone might have started out  as something that may have seemed like a useless invention.  However, now, it seems that the camera phone is turning the digital camera to be an obsolete piece of equipment.  It seems as though the cameras in cell phones are now getting higher and higher resolutions.  Camera phones now have five megapixels (HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, Nokia N97, Nokia X6, Motorola VE66) and the HTC incredible has broken the eight megapixel barrier!  While I  can certainly understand the point of view that says the camera phone will replace the digital camera, however we will still always need real digital cameras for print photography and for any type of professional photography for that matter. The convienience is nice with a camera phone.  Send pics to your friends, send them online, even mess around with the effects, and all that is well and good.  Believe me, I love a good camera phone as much as the next lady. All I’m saying is no matter how many megapixels a camera phone has, it could never replace a Canon EOS Rebel T2i… an eighteen megapixel camera.  Get where I’m coming from?