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Erie County Police Virtual Historical Museum

Working in our community here in Erie PA is something we enjoy doing the most.  It’s fulfilling to be able to see the impact we make locally for all different types of companies.  Recently though, we provided something with a little bit of history behind it.  Paragon Media One combined efforts with the District Attorney’s office to create a virtual historical museum honoring past and present law enforcement.  This unique design allows the viewing of different photos and videos in a twisting and turning carousel, depicting men and women who have dedicated their lives to the protection of Erie County.  Paragon Media One was honored to have the opportunity to work on this project.  Anyone in Erie is welcome to honor their ancestors who were involved in law enforcement.  This can be done simply by e-mailing the photo with a description and date, if possible, to Chief County Detective Larry Dombrowski at ldombrowski@eriecountygov.org. As always, Paragon Media One can provide your company with any solutions you need for your website.  Check out our solutions page.

Check it out now! –  Erie County virtual historical police museum.