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Does Google Need to Zoom Out?

Google Mapping. It’s all the rage right now, being used for finding a certain location via an actual picture of the location.  I can understand why it was invented.  To help make directions easier, so I would hope.  However, you can see where it may be a problem in regard to privacy.  I’ve been shown various places, and even used the google map to see a house I was traveling to in another state last February, just to get an idea of where I was going.  Yes, it proved helpful, but was it really necessary that I see the house before I arrive?  No, it wasn’t.  That was the last time I’d used google maps.  Until today, that is.  I started doing research on the general public being worried about the privacy of their lives, and it’s a unanimous concern.  One woman zoomed into her house, and could see her cat sitting in her window.  That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?  I decided to look up the house I’d lived in previously, with my parents, a few years ago.  I figured they wouldn’t take an individual picture of the townhouse in which I live, since it’s in a complex.  What I found was this.  The garage door open, and I was able to even zoom in to see what was inside.  I could see the cars in the garage, and in the driveway.  This is quite alarming.  I could see the door that was inside the garage, showing anyone on the internet how to get into the house.  Just being able to see the types of cars a person drives makes me a little uneasy when I think about the creeps that could find that information, and stalk you.  What do you think?  My advice to you is this: look up your own house, the house where your parents live, the house where your siblings, or children live.  That’s the only way you’ll fully understand how I felt when I saw my parent’s home.  Of course, looking at someone else’s home is always going to be a little fun, see where they live, be a little nosy, but until you actually look at your own place, you won’t understand how truly invasive this type of technology is.  What do you think?  I know I’m going to draw my shades a little tighter.