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Does More Technology Mean Higher Graduation Rates?

One of the things I’ve been quite curious about throughout my research still remained a burning question in my head.  Does having technological advancements in the classroom have a direct effect on higher graduation rates?  Sure, it’s got everything to do with the teacher and student, and the relationship between the two as well, but what about all of this technology stuff?  I’m a strong believer in keeping students on the cutting edge of what’s new in the tech world, and it’s not just because of where I work!  In the year 2000, the graduation rate was 68 percent for females, and 60 percent for males.  Today, the graduation rate is a combined 70 percent!  Is this progress?  Of course it is!  Related to technology?  You bet.  With recently updated computers and systems in schools, it makes studying and research much easier for students.  Can we continue to use this technology to our advantage by finding better ways to study?  With educational pod casts, tutorials, note pods, audio books, internet libraries, downloadable books, youtube and video lectures, it almost seems like that 70 percent should even be higher!  It is said that having the world at our fingertips is making students become more inquisitive; more capable of finding answers for themselves.  In an increasingly and globally competitive world, education is the key to advancement.   Our children are our future, and they’ll be governing our world some day!  Did you know that 74 percent of children are avidly using computers by the age of four years old?  It seems crazy, but think about the interaction and the learning they can do, and do independently.  Learning is becoming more advanced and involved which means children are becoming smarter at an earlier age.  Sounds like all of this techno mumbo-jumbo may not even be mumbo-jumbo after all!