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You Can’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

Have you ever looked up the word “bootylicious” in the dictionary?  Do you think I’m crazy for asking this?  Did you grab a dictionary, look it up, and become shocked and a little mortified that it’s actually in there?  It’s true.  Both that I am crazy, and that bootylicious actually is in the dictionary. 🙂 Did you know that there are five times more words in the English language now than there were in the 1900s?  Five times! Ever say the phrase “driving me crazy”?  If you have kids, or a job, of course you do!  Do you think that we’d say this phrase if the automobile had never been invented?  Are you wondering where I’m going with this?  Stay with me.  When was the last time that you got a letter e-mailed to you with a formal format (including both your address, the sender’s address, and an opening and closing), even if it was for business?  Do you even remember how to format a letter without having to think about it?  Did you know that abbreviations are now being added to the dictionary?  COULD YOU JUST SHOUT IN EXCITEMENT OVER IT?  Alright, now to my point.  Those capital letters, they told you I was yelling.  Whether on paper, or online, it’s universal.  The e-mail thing, yeah, it’s changing the way we write.  Bootylicious in the dictionary?  All of these extra words… all of these phrases… Technology!

Talk to you soon!