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How important is cyberspace?

We thought this was very interesting and worth posting. Here is an excerpt first two paragraphs:

How important is cyberspace? It is hardly possible to overstate it. The internet is an engine of immense wealth creation, a force for openness, transparency, innovation and freedom. Without it, generators stop turning, phones fall silent, critical goods sit on loading docks. Without confidence in the integrity of financial data or health information, the economy trembles. Without connectivity, tens of thousands of communities disappear from view; a deployed solider cannot see her daughter’s swim victory, a multiple sclerosis patient is unable to confer with others about the latest medications, and first responders face an unknown chemical spill untethered.

Cyberspace functions as the very endoskeleton of modern life. So it’s no surprise that when bad actors emerge to exploit or threaten it — whether profit-driven criminals, electronic saboteurs or international espionage rings — there’s a temptation to define the threat in the strongest and simplest terms. These days, some observers are pounding out a persistent and mounting drumbeat of war, calling for preparing the battlefield, even saying that the United States is already fully into a “cyberwar,” that it is, in fact, losing.

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