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Website Development Checklist – Before You Start

website checklist

– Why are you putting together a website? Business, e-commerce, personal, blogging. There has to be a “Why” before anything else.

Content Topic and target audience.
– you need to know what content you will be providing and who you intend to provide it to.

Domain name
– find something meaningful and memorable, so your users will be able to easily remember it and tell their friends!

– you need a reliable host, and you need to decide what kind of platform you are going to use. (wordpress, custom php, asp, html)

– Do you need to use SSL? It can go a long way in making users feel safe when registering with contact details, and should be considered an essential if taking payments.

– the only things holding you back are imagination and budget. make it easily scannable and readable with your choices for layout, font, and colors

Compatibility and Accessibility
– plan for mobile. make it friendly for readers so the visually impaired can use it, too.

– Carefully think out your site map, allowing for short and well defined paths to all of your content. Don’t forget to make use of the footer, it’s a great place for essential nav items and other information. (think quick links, contact info, and copyright notices.)

– Do everything you can to make your site search engine friendly, and as fast as possible.

Tracking and Analytics
– Once you put up the site, you’re going to want to see how it’s performing. Plan accordingly.