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Website Development Checklist – Before You Start

website checklist

Why are you putting together a website? Business, e-commerce, personal, blogging. There has to be a “Why” before anything else.

Content Topic and target audience.

You need to know what content you will be providing and who you intend to provide it to.

Domain name

Find something meaningful and memorable, so your users will be able to easily remember it and tell their friends!


You need a reliable host, and you need to decide what kind of platform you are going to use. (wordpress, custom php, asp, html)


Do you need to use SSL? It can go a long way in making users feel safe when registering with contact details, and should be considered an essential if taking payments.


The only things holding you back are imagination and budget. make it easily scannable and readable with your choices for layout, font, and colors

Compatibility and Accessibility

Plan for mobile. make it friendly for readers so the visually impaired can use it, too.


Carefully think out your site map, allowing for short and well defined paths to all of your content. Don’t forget to make use of the footer, it’s a great place for essential navigation items and other information. (think quick links, contact info, and copyright notices.)


Do everything you can to make your site search engine friendly, and as fast as possible.

Tracking and Analytics

Once you put up the site, you’re going to want to see how it’s performing. Plan accordingly.

Need Help With Your Website, SEO and Marketing?

We can help with new projects, work on existing ones, plan your upcoming digital marketing, advise you on your next big idea, provide support, and so much more!

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