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Writing Made Simple

Want to start your own blog? I’m going to let you in on some top secret, highly confidential information.  My writing technique.  I know, I know, you’ve been waiting and waiting to know what I do that makes my posts so great.  So, I’ve decided to share with you some pointers from my experience.  To start out, never write about something you’re not interested in, passionate about, or, at the very least, understand.  No one wants to read rambling textbook sounding information, and that’s just what you’ll sound like when you’re writing about something you don’t care about.  In addition to this, don’t write about things you aren’t an expert on either. Next, even if you are passionate and you feel as though you are an expert, you still need to research the topic you’re going to write about.  Compare facts and figures, and make sure there isn’t any contradictory information out there that might make you look like a fake.  Take lots of notes, but never full sentences and never an exact copy of what you’re reading.  Finally, put it all together, being sure to quote or cite other’s ideas.  Mix it all together, and you’re a pro!  Remember, this information was top secret, so this message will self-destruct.  Hah! Wouldn’t that be something?

Good luck!