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My Honest Opinion

So most employees will always be speaking highly of the company they work for, because they have to.  They are trained to be salespeople for their products and services – as they should, I’m sure. Of course, there are other employees who are a little more honest, the ones who aren’t directly involved in the product they’re selling.  Those employees usually can give a better description; usually the truth down and dirty.  I’m one of those employees.  Let me give you a little background.  We are a technology company, obviously you are able to tell that by looking around our site and reading what I blog about every day.  You’d think that everyone in here is a whiz on the computer though, and that’s where you’re wrong.  Sure, we do need to know a little bit more than basic knowledge, a step above what everyone else might know, but that’s about it.  Let me put it this way.  In our programming department, those guys know far more about the ins and outs of computing than I ever will in my lifetime.  In graphic design and in video editing, they can run circles around me when it comes down to it.  Props to them, and they are the best people to be able to sell something they’ve created.  Me?  I’m a writer.  I research, and I write.  I think, and I write.  And that’s it.  So, now that you’ve got our life stories in order…

Our CMS, verticalRain™. That’s what the topic is here. I can honestly say it is the easiest thing I’ve used on the net.  If you can insert information where it says insert information, you’re golden.  You’ve figured out the system.  I’m not just saying that because I work here, and I challenge you to see for yourself how easy this system is.  If you want to add photos, you literally drag the photo and drop it where you’d like it to go.  No worrying about link URLs, or having to know some programming to get it into the spot where you’d like it to go, nothing.  It’s so easy, I can’t really stress that enough.  Then there’s the organization ability. I’m sure everyone has their view of a writer, a scatter-brained, messy-haired, coffee-shop-inhabiting person who has a better relationship with their computer than they do with their significant other.  And you’re right.  So, you can imagine how unorganized we can be at times.


This system has that covered too!  With the verticalRain™ contact manager, you can keep all of your contacts in one central location, and even email them from that location!  OK, I’m starting to sound like a salesperson here aren’t I?  So, I’ll quit.  I just want to put out there though how seriously easy this system is, and if you’re in the market for a new site, I really hope you’ll try it out for yourself.  If you can update your facebook page, you can create a website. Oh, and the best part?  If you give us a call, we’ll set you up with a demo.  So get on it. Couldn’t be easier if we had an easy button.

Go try it out! Let me know what you think! Talk to you soon.