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NEW! Adobe Photoshop CS5

Here’s me being a complete techno-geek at her finest. Have you USED the new Adobe Photoshop CS5?  Amazing, to say the least.  It’s got everything that you’ve wished they’d come out with while working in the application, and more.  The coolest thing I found is the content-aware fill.  It allows you to completely delete a subject, and it will fill in the background around it using a technology that matches lighting, tone and noise, and ultimately makes the image look like the deleted subject never even existed.  If you were sick of using drop shadows and fussing around to make things look 3-D, your techno-prayers have been answered with the Enhanced 3-D realism and reach materials feature.  This feature enables you to make a subject three dimensional, and make materials look like glass and chrome.  Sweet.  Puppet warp.  What is that you may ask?  The example used on the Adobe website is an elephant’s trunk.  It’s hanging straight down. With the puppet warp feature you can warp or stretch graphics, text, or image elements.  So, you can curve that elephant’s trunk however the heck you want it to go, and it uses the content-aware fill to fill in the blank spot after the subject has been changed.  HDR Imaging? Yep, they’ve included Superior HDR Imaging, which literally creates surreal HDR images with a precise accuracy.  Ever gotten tired of keying out the green for green screen images?  Especially if you’re using a girl as a subject with tiny strands of hair that takes a ridiculous amount of time to key out (can you tell I’m speaking from experience)? Don’t worry anymore, because now complex selections are made easy.  I could literally go on forever, describing how amazing this new Photoshop will be.  But, I suppose that’s what their website is for, and I won’t take all their glory.  It is, in fact glorious, I might add J So, try it out.  It’s amazing, and they’ve even got free shipping until May 31st.  Well, that’s it for my geek rave!  Talk to you soon!