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Top Ten Office Choice Awards

A writer’s biggest fear is that no one reads what he or she is writing.  It’s ok if people are reading, and may not particularly like what they read, but if no one is reading at all, we feel insecure as if a child who’s pacifier or teddy bear has been taken away right before bed time.  Of course, all of your comments are helping me to know that I do have readers, and for that I thank you.  However, one of the bigger issues is the fact that I have always wondered if my colleagues actually read what I have to say, or if they just create a new design every now and then, and just think I’m the crazy writer typing along like my life depends on the speed of my fingers to the keyboard.  So, with that, I sent out an e-mail to my co-workers here at Paragon Media One.  I asked them to let me know which their ten favorite blogs were that I’d written in the past.  So, at least I know they’ve read ten of them 😉 I was actually pleased to find that they do read them; because they all picked ones that I myself would too.  Now without further commendation, I’ve compiled the ten most given responses from my co-workers, to bring you the Office Choice blogs.  These might be ones you’d like to take a look at too, if you’re new to the blog.

  1. Does More Technology Mean Higher Graduation Rates?
  2. Ten Ways the Internet and Technology Has Changed Our Lives (That I bet you haven’t thought of!)
  3. Social Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  4. Digitally Aware: Promoting Purposeful Use of the Web in the Digital Era
  5. Smart Phones: Revolutionary or Creepy?
  6. The Future of Podcasting
  7. Internet Changes in the Health Care Industry
  8. Facebook
  9. The New Apple iPad
  10. Grammatical Errors?

I might also like to add a quick thank you to my co-workers for not only reading, but taking the time out of your day to let me know which were your favorite!  And bloggers, these might be the first ones you’d want to check out to get a feel for what I write about if you’re new to the site!  Have a great day everyone!