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The New Apple iPad

Thinking about getting the new iPad? Whether it be for business or pleasure, we think the iPad is a great buy.  With the ability to get online, email, store photos, view videos, listen to music and more, it’s got many of the capabilities of a laptop, without the bulk.  They’ve got apps created specifically for the iPad, a place to manage your contacts, and with the sleek design and easy-to-use format, it’s simple yet revolutionary.  It has been referred to as a coffee table tablet, something that can be used quickly and on the go.  According to CNET, the reasons for the purchase have varied as well.  While some are purchasing the iPad strictly for business, others are buying it as a novelty, an impulse buy, for those who had no laptop, and keeping the ease of use in mind, for the computer adverse.  Just a reminder though, the iPad won’t play flash, so for right now at least, if you’re looking for a flash friendly device, the iPad might not be for you. My recommendation:  it seems there isn’t a reason not to purchase this new piece of equipment!  As a writer, I’m still fond of my keyboard, but it seems to me everyone’s going crazy for the iPad.  Another good invention from Apple.  Keep up the good work. If anyone’s purchased the iPad, let us know what you think, leave a review!